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 dim. 2 janv. 2022 08:54
And above all, try not to exceed 60 characters . Also note that words like " tips ", " mistakes ", " how " and the like arouse audience intrigue and make titles more clickable. If, for example, you have a kitchen business and you know that your audience is looking for recipes - and that one special phone number list of the biggest searches is for homemade pizzas - then it is ideal that you optimize the

word " homemade pizza " in your video, also special phone number list taking into account the words that best they work as a recipe or how . In fact, in this example you can see how out of 58,500 results on YouTube for homemade pizza, the best positioned are those that contain "how to make homemade pizza" with small variations in the title: title_youtubeseo 7. Write a good special phone number list description of your video Another essential factor to take into account when doing YouTube SEO is the description since it affects the positioning more than you imagine.

The reason is very simple: since Google cannot listen to special phone number list the videos, it relies on the text description to determine the content of the video . But not just any description is valid but you have to take into account several requirements, such as: Make a detailed, explanatory and persuasive description about the content of your video of up to special phone number list at least 250 words , because even if only the first lines are shown to the user, what

you want is to position your videos on YouTube special phone number list and the descriptions are read by both Google and by YouTube. Add the link to your blog or website in the first paragraph as this maximizes the CTR or click rate to your site. Include the keyword in the first 25 words . Enter the keyword at least 3-4 times (no more, as Google and YouTube will special phone number list consider it spam). Add a call to action to tell them that you expect them to share the video,


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